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About Us

Faith, Family, Community.


First and foremost is our Faith. Jesus Christ is our Lord and Savior. You might ask what does that have to do with you? Well it is our Faith in Him that propels us to treat every person as created in His image as well as such principles as “love your neighbor as yourself” and work is a blessing from the Lord. It is this belief that drives us to perform our tasks and efforts so as to please Him. In other words our work is a blessing, not a curse and we strive to perform to a standard that the Creator of the world would be pleased with. Our faith is also witnessed in our giving back to our community including building a gymnasium for the families in our community to be blessed by you can find a link to this here. My oldest son is also following this tradition of giving back as he has now joined as a local volunteer on the Alborn fire department. We don’t just claim our Faith, we live it out and you will see this demonstrated in every job we do.

Our Story

When my wife and I decided to start our family we moved from the Dallas area to northern Mn. We began our family in the Woodland area of Duluth and in 2013 our dream of living in the country was realized when we moved to the Alborn area. It was then that we started to carve out our home in the north woods. We have been blessed and now are able to help others enjoy their property as much as we have ours. Our two boys are now 16 and 18 and are active in this business as we train them up to be strong in the Lord.