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How to increase the property value of your land

One of the main benefits of buying property is the potential for future return on investment. This goes for additional plots of land that you may have purchased as well. If you are a land-owner, you may be wondering how you can maximize on your initial investment. 

In this article, we’ll explore a few different ways that you can increase the property value of your land!

1. Maintain trees and shrubbery

Depending on what someone else might want the land for, it will most likely sell for a higher price if it’s been well-maintained. That doesn’t necessarily mean that the land is totally cleared out, but rather managing what’s there. Land covered in shrubs, saplings, dead/diseased trees, and any other debris will be a lot harder to use. 

It will also ensure that the land is healthy. Diseased trees and poorly aerated soil makes for a bad environment for any life to flourish. It typically doesn’t look very attractive to a potential buyer either. Learn more about our land clearing services here!

2. Take care of the soil

Maintaining the health of the soil is particularly important for farmland as well as “hunting land as it will help preserve the health of the wildlife habitat.” Healthy soil can promote nutrition and water infiltration, lessen erosion, and aid in climate changes. Additionally, getting rid of any unwanted, invasive, and/or poisonous plants, shrubs, and trees will ensure there’s enough nutrients for everything that you or a potential buyer may want to grow.

To understand whether the soil of your land is healthy, you can get your soil tested. Learn more here.  

3. Get your land surveyed

People want to know what they’re buying before they buy it. Getting the land surveyed ensures they do. No matter what they end up wanting to do with the land, it’s helpful to know things like property boundaries, topography description, building locations, and “recommendations for possible improvements,” according to LW Survey.

This is especially useful if you believe someone may want to purchase your property for the purposes of building, whether that’s residential or commercial. 

4. Demolish old structures

If you have old structures on your land, getting them removed will help the land look more attractive in both physical appearance and management. If you know a structure needs to get torn down, a potential buyer may consider that in how much they’re willing to offer. Getting it removed preemptively means that won’t be a factor in their considerations.

Up North Land Clearing offers demolition services in addition to site prep, land clearing, mulching, ditching, and mowing!

5. Prepare the land for what people in your area want

Before you start investing time, energy, and money into your land, it will help to know what potential buyers might be looking for. Do they want extra land to have as an investment of their own? Or will they want to build a home, start a farm, or acquire private hunting land? Knowing what people in the market want to invest in means you’re preparing the land for the right uses. 

Getting started with Up North Land Clearing

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