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When to start spring lawn maintenance

With the weather warming up, you might be itching to get outside and start cleaning up your yard. No one really likes looking at all that old dead grass, leaves, and other debris. But when should you start cleaning it up? When should you start regular lawn care maintenance? These are all really great questions, especially for those of you who are first-time homeowners. 

Here are some common questions and our tips for addressing them:

When should you start cleaning up your yard?

In Minnesota, a good time to start cleaning up your yard is somewhere between April and May. Around that time is when things start growing and when the dirt is completely thawed out. Of course, you can start cleaning up your yard whenever, but for heavier work, it’s best to wait until we’re well into spring.

What’s a good annual lawn maintenance checklist? 

To have a beautiful yard, no matter what that means to you, is dependent upon taking care of it. That just doesn’t mean mowing and raking up all the dead stuff, either. Here are some annual maintenance checklist items that you can do this spring for a healthy, beautiful yard:

  • Take care of your lawn care tools (clean them up, get them serviced)
  • Dethatch your lawn and rake up what’s loose
  • Fertilize, lay down seed and mulch, and give it all a good watering
  • Clear out your garden beds
  • Uncover your delicate evergreens
  • Spray down your home’s exteriors

Depending on the vision for your property, there’s an endless list of tasks you can choose from, but hopefully these help get you started!

When should you mow for the first time? 

A good time to do your first mow in Minnesota is near the end of April and into the beginning of May. Some people like to participate in “No Mow May” to ensure that we’ve given the bees enough time to wake up and get pollinating. A good rule of thumb either way is to wait until your grass has grown at least over two inches tall. Once we’ve reached this point in the season, you can feel confident in maintaining a regular lawn care maintenance schedule!

What does regular lawn care maintenance mean?

A study done did show that less frequent mowing was better for bee pollination and production as well as healthier grass. Cutting your grass too short and too often can kill your lawn. A general recommendation, like we stated above, is to wait until it’s at least longer than two inches. The longer the blade, the stronger the grass!

The best time of day to mow your lawn is about mid-morning. This allows you to mow before the day is the hottest as well as gives the sun enough time to dry up the dew. Other things that you can be doing include:

  • Getting rid of unwanted weeds
  • Give it a summertime fertilizing
  • Lay down grass seed where needed
  • Water and aerate as necessary

Working with Up North Land Clearing

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