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Why Spring is a great time for land clearing

Do you have land in need of clearing? Whether you’ve thought about it or not, there are several benefits to cleaning up those extra acres. With winter behind us, spring is a great time to get started. As long as the ground isn’t frozen solid beneath a few feet of snow, anytime is good for land clearing. However, there’s just something satisfying about doing it after a long winter. 

Spring cleaning

Once the sun starts setting after 7:00 PM, most of us get the bug. You know what we’re talking about—wanting to get all of the old dead and unused stuff out of our homes and yards to make way for a fresh spring. Getting your land cleared while you’re in the middle of a laundry list of spring cleaning chores will only increase the satisfaction you feel once everything’s done.

Enjoy the extra land all summer long

Whether you want the land cleared to expand your patio or build a shed, getting it cleared out in the spring will ensure you’re ready for whatever projects you have planned this summer. Checking it off your list early means you get to enjoy it just a little bit longer before the snowy season returns. 

Get ahead of the rush

Many people want to wait until late spring, summer, and even fall to clear their land out. While those are also great times for clearing, it’s also our busiest times. Scheduling your services for April and May means that you won’t have to wait behind everyone else with a similar idea. 

Getting started with Up North Land Clearing

There are several other benefits to getting your land cleared, including:

  • Increasing the property value of your land
  • Expanding the amount of usable property
  • Healthier land (less mold, pests, rotting debris, etc.)
  • Reducing fire risks

And more. Contact us today to get your land clearing service scheduled!